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About us

Hi i'm Dave, the founder of FAFF Coffee. 

Faff Coffee was born out of a love/hate relationship with coffee. Coffee can be a wondrous thing. It can be anything from your morning kick in the face, to a complex specialty experience to ponder over. But whatever it is, why does it require so much effort on your part to enjoy it? 

We’ve been there. We’ve built and worked in hip speciality cafes. We’ve sold countless coffee brewers, espresso machines and beans, we’ve run training classes and taught people to draw pretty pictures in the top of their flat whites. We know coffee, but at the end of it all we’ve wondered - why does coffee have to be so complicated?

Let's cut the chaff - the Aeropresses, cafetieres and pour-overs. The scales, desert spoons and grind settings and focus on what really matters:

  • Does it taste good?

  • Is it ethically sourced?

  • Can any mug with a kettle make a good brew? 

So, if you’re still begrudgingly drinking instant coffee to keep you fighting on, wondering if there's more to coffee than this, if you're staring down that cafetière that’s been sat in the sink for the last 2 days going mouldy. Or maybe you've tried your hand with an Aeropress, V60 or Chemex but decided its more faff than its worth, Faff Coffee is for you.

So you can make coffee. No Faff.


We think you'll love our coffee bags but if for some reason you don't - we'll refund you, no questions asked.


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We work with Ecologi to plant a tree with every order.