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How to make Cold Brew Coffee with Coffee Bags

cold brew coffee latte

Coffee bags are not just for hot coffee. They're perfect for taking the faff out of making cold brew and iced coffee too! 

Cold brewing is the trending method for making iced coffee at the moment. It involves steeping coffee in cold or tepid water for 12-24 hours. Instead of using heat to extract the coffee, you use time! 

Cold brewing extracts different things from the coffee - so you end up with a drink that has less bitterness and acidity, and more natural sweetness than traditional iced coffee which is just hot coffee that has been cooled down.

With coffee bags its super simple to make cold brew. No filtering required - the bags do it for you. 

Here's how to do it. 

You’ll need:
- 3x FAFF Coffee Bags
- 1 litre jar or jug that can be sealed
- 800ml water
- Ice, glasses and your choice of milk/m*lk

how to make cold brew coffee with coffee bags - what you'll need

Step 1 - 
Place coffee bags into your jar and fill with 800ml water. Give it a stir. 

how to make cold brew with coffee bags step 2

Step 2 -

Place your jar or jug into the fridge for 12-18 hours. To check if the cold brew is ready you can always give it a taste - it should be nice and strong! Once the time is up, remove your coffee bags and place them into your compost. 

how to make cold brew coffee with coffee bags step 3

Step 3 -  

Mix your cold brew in equal parts with your choice of dairy or alternative milk like oat milk. You can adjust the ratio of cold brew to milk if you want your iced latte to be stronger or weaker. This is the time to add some sugar or syrup to sweeten it up too if you like. 

how to make cold brew coffee with coffee bags step 4

Once you've finished with your cold brew it's best to store it in the fridge. It should stay good for up to 1 week. 

Watch this space for more iced coffee recipes in the future. And check out our video on how to make cold brew iced lattes with coffee bags below. 

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